Structure Overview

In general, there are five roles in the club: executive board members, lakehosts, instructors, skipper certified sailors, and regular members. See below for an outline of each position. For a detailed and official specification of how the club works, refer to our Constitution and Bylaws.

Executive Board

The executive board is elected by the membership to make decisions for the rest of the club. The executive board consists of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary, Race Team Captain, Membership Chair, and Fleet Captain. Officers are supposed to attend at least 75% of the meetings. In order for any executive board decision to be legitimate, at least half of the officers must be present.

Any member of the club may sit-in on executive meetings. If the membership disagrees with an executive board decision, then the membership may vote to reverse the decision, assuming that a quorum of 1/3 of total members is present. If the membership is not content with an officer, he/she may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of the executive board and 2/3 vote of membership, or by 3/4 vote of regular members.


The Commodore is the official representative of the club. He/she is responsible for the overall guidance and direction of the club. The Commodore runs the executive and general meetings and makes sure that the other officers are doing their job.

To contact the Commodore, click here.

Vice Commodore

The Vice Commodore replaces the Commodore in the event that the Commodore temporarily cannot fulfill his/her duties. The Vice Commodore is in charge of sailing instruction and skipper certification. In addition, the VC should focus on achieving long-term goals for the club.

The Vice Commodore does not have many specific jobs to do. Given this leeway, the VC can help out wherever he/she is needed. The Vice Commodore has the freedom to spearhead new club activities and programs.

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The treasury is one of the most important parts of the club—without money, we cannot maintain our boats and get new equipment, which is unsafe. The Treasurer manages all things money related, including collecting dues, issuing reimbursements, and purchasing new equipment. The Treasurer deals a lot with the Student Government Association (SGA), like submitting the club budget, submitting bills, and getting reimbursements from SOFO. Because the treasury is so important and complicated, the Treasurer may accept assistants who will help out and learn about the position.

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The Secretary is in charge of communication, both internally and externally. The Secretary records the minutes at the meetings and sends them out to the members. The Secretary should make sure that members are up-to-date with club activities.

The Secretary needs to make sure the rest of the world knows about GT Sailing. The Secretary advertises the club to other Tech students and keeps in touch with alumni. This includes posting on social media, updating the website, writing articles and newsletters, chalking, flyering, etc.

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Race Team Captain

The Race Team Captain is elected by members of the race team. The Race Team Captain runs the race team. This usually includes deciding which regattas the team will compete in, who will sail at each regatta, where the team will stay, how the team will get there, etc. To help run the team, the Race Team Captain may accept an assistant.

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Membership Chair

The job of the Membership Chair (aka Social Chair) is to bring club members closer together. This involves planning sailing trips, planning social activities around Atlanta, designing and ordering swag, etc.

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Fleet Captain

The Fleet Captain is the only position that is not elected by the membership; instead, the Fleet Captain is appointed by the executive board. The Fleet Captain is the behind-the-scenes person who makes sure that the rest of us can go sailing whenever we want. The Fleet Captain enforces boat checkout procedures, maintains all of the boats and equipment, and takes care of boat and trailer registration.

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The executive board appoints lakehosts. Lakehosts are members of both the Sailing Club at GT and the Lake Lanier Sailing Club. In order for any GT Sailing member to be at LLSC, a lakehost must be present. To read more about how lakehosts work, click here.


Instructors are nominated by the Vice Commodore and approved by the executive board. As the name implies, instructors teach members how to sail. During practices where an instructor is present, non-skipper-certified members may skipper the boat.

To learn more about the skipper certification process, click here.

Regular Members

Regular members are allowed to participate in all club activities. Regular members may crew for a skipper certified member at any time. Regular members are allowed to skipper a boat themselves if an instructor is present.