Club Team

We are a completely student-run club team— we plan our practices, trips, and regattas ourselves. We do not have a coach. We do not get free housing or meal plans or scholarships for sailing.

But that does not hold us back. We are one helluva team.

We are still fairly competitive against other Varsity teams, and we know how to have a lot more fun than them. All we have is each other, and that makes us a pretty close-knit group. Personally, my best friends are the ones I sail with every weekend.

Many Regattas Every Semester

During the 2013-2014 year, we went to 9 regattas in the Fall and 8 in the Spring—and we plan to attend even more next year!

The race team primarily competes in the co-ed double-handed dinghy regattas. However, there is a lot of interest in starting a women's team, a single-handed team, and possibly a team-racing team. In addition to college sailing, we also participate in LLSC events, such as the Frostbite series in Lasers.

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Weekly Practices


School Funding

As far as traveling to regattas goes, Georgia Tech only funds 2/3 of the gas for 4 regattas every year. This means that the sailors who go to the event have to split gas, vehicle rental, and hotel expenses. Fortunately, the CRC has SUVs and 12 passenger vans that we can rent for only $35 per day. We also have a lot of amazing alumni and friends who let us stay at their houses for free.

Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association

The ICSA is the governing body of college sailing in the United States. It makes and enforces the rules of college sailing and organizes interconference regattas. In order to compete in any regatta, sailors must be registered with ICSA. There are seven conferences, which schedule and administer regattas in their respective geographical region.

The Sailing Club at Georgia Tech is part of the South Atlantic region, which is governed by SAISA. SAISA is divided into two sub-regions: North SAISA consists of the schools in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina; South SAISA pretty much consists of just the schools in Florida, although Georgia Tech belonged to South SAISA at one point in its history.

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