Our Fleet

Georgia Tech owns a surprising large number of sailboats, which are stored at Lake Lanier Sailing Club. We also have a shed with a bunch of life jackets, boots, wet suits, etc. that anyone in the club can borrow. Scroll down to see all the different boats that we own!

6 Club Rigged 420s

The Club 420 is a two-person dinghy that is about 14 feet long. The GT Sailing Race Team uses these boats for practice for collegiate regattas. The Lake Lanier Sailing Club Junior Program owns another 6 c420s. When we host the Georgia Tech regatta, LLSC graciously lets us borrow their boats so that we can have 12 boats racing at once.

You must be skipper certified in order to skipper a 420. Click here to learn more about 420 certification.

2 J/24s

A J/24 is a 24-foot keelboat that can take 2 to 6 people out on the water. They are great for both cruising and racing, and are also nice to have because they can take out so many people.

Georgia Tech's J/24s are docked at LLSC's wet slips, which means that they are very easy to take out sailing. However, there must be either at least one fully J/24 certified skipper or at least two intermediate J/24 certified skippers on board. Click here to learn more about J/24 certification.

5 Lasers

A Laser is a single-person sailboat that is around 14 feet long. Lasers are extremely fun and challenging boats to sail. There is a large fleet of Lasers at LLSC and around the world, so races can get pretty competitive. In fact, Lasers are one of the boats that they sail in the Olympics!

Georgia Tech owns 5 hulls, a few full rigs, a few radial rigs, and a couple 4.7 rigs. The race team often competes in LLSC's frostbite series, which happens every Sunday from January through March. Although it can get pretty damn cold, the wind is excellent and there are a lot of other sailors to compete against.

In order to sail a Laser, you must be Laser certified. Click here for more information about Laser certification.

3 Hobies

A Hobie Cat is a multi-hull sailboat that was made by the Hobie Cat Company. They are very relaxing and fun boats to sail.

Georgia Tech owns 3 Hobie 16s, which are 16 feet long. In order to skipper one, you must be Hobie certified. Click here to learn more about Hobie certification.


Windsurfing is basically sailing on a surfboard. They are very different from sailing most boats, but they can be very extreme once you get good at them.

Georgia Tech owns a bunch of windsurf boards and sails. In order to use them, you have to be windsurfing certified. Click here to learn more about windsurfing certification.