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gtsailing@googlegroups.com We send out most club info to this list - meeting reminders, minutes, upcoming events, spontaneous sailing opportunities, etc. Email this list if you would like to go sailing.
raceteam-gtsailing@googlegroups.com The undergraduate raceteam uses this list to organize practices and teams for regattas.
gtsailingkeel@googlegroups.com This list is for information about sailing opportunities on the keelboats.
gtsailinglakehosts@googlegroups.com Only current lakehosts are members of this list. Email this list if you need a lakehost to take you up to LLSC.
gt-sailing-alumni@googlegroups.com For alumni to keep up-to-date with what the club is doing and to connect with other alumni.

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Alex Richardson


Alex Richardson

Alex is a Biomedical Engineering major and a member of the freshman class of 2011. She was the social chair for the GT Sailing Club during the 2013-2014 school year and the Vice Commodore during the 2014-2015 school year.

Email: yellowalex10@yahoo.com

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Josh Kim

Vice Commodore

Josh Kim

Josh is a Mechanical Engineering major and a member of the freshman class of 2013. Originally from Kazakhstan, Josh fluently speaks Russian and English and also knows a tad of Korean and Turkish. He joined the GT Sailing Club as a freshman, and it quickly became one of his passions. He became one of the most active sailors on the race team and has many ideas on how to improve the club. During the 2014-2015 school year, Josh served as the secretary of the sailing club at GT.

Email: joshua0702+sailing@gmail.com

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Lauren Yapp

Race Team Captain

Lauren Yapp

Lauren is majoring in Industrial Engineering and started at Tech with the freshman class of 2014. She started sailing Optis when she was 7 years old, but hated it, crying on the way to the lake for every class. Around the age of 11, she picked up sailing again and fell in love with the Laser. Growing up at the Atlanta Yacht Club on Lake Allatoona, she began racing ever since her first Junior Week. She continued to race Lasers, 420s, Snipes, Y-Flyers, and her family’s Thistle. In 2013, she won AYC’s Junior Championship Regatta. She has been coaching sailing for the past three years and is one of the head instructors at LLSC. During her freshman year at Tech, she grew passionate for the Race Team.

Email: laurenyapp2419+gtsc@gmail.com

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Haley Chenot

Social Chair

Haley Chenot

Haley Chenot is a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer in the freshman class of 2014. She first started sailing in August 2014 and fell in love with racing 420s in January 2015 (even though she capsized and "got hypothermia" on her first time out). Even when she doesn't plan to race, Haley often tags along with the race team to regattas, whips out her beloved DSLR camera, and takes some epic racing photos for the team.

Email: haleychenot@yahoo.com

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Mike Roberts

Fleet Captain

Marten Kendrick

Marten grew up racing sailboats in Houston, TX. He came to Georgia Tech in 2011 to study Computer Science and has been on the Race Team since his freshman year.

Email: martenk@comcast.net

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Conner Killham


Conner Killham

Conner studies Mechanical Engineering and plans on graduating in 2018. He was on Severn High School's sailing team, which is in Maryland. He is a knowledgeable sailor and a good coach.

Email: ckillham+gtsc@gmail.com

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Ethan Wescoat


Ethan Wescoat

Ethan Wescoat is a 2nd year Mechanical Engineer. He first started sailing on keelboats, such as Ranger 32s and J109s, and lightnings. He has since been involved with race team and learning how to sail other boats. He joined GT Sailing his freshman year and continues to stay active in the club.

Email: swescoat8+gtsc@gmail.com

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